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        Welcome to www.heimerlfarms.com! By clicking on the tabs located on the left column, you will take a journey through our past and present. By starting out in the History tab, you will learn how Heimerl Farms began, and what we have accomplished along the way. After learning of the exciting beginning of Heimerl Farms decades ago, you will read about what is currently happening down on the farm from the "News" tab. Furthermore, you are probably curious to know what our operation is all about, and to learn exactly what goes on behind the scenes, we invite you to click on the "Our Operation" tab. By clicking on the "Awards" tab, you will see why we are proud of our accomplishments which have been recognized by a prestigious award. Located under the "Featured Links" tab, we have included several web addresses which we believe you will find interesting and/or useful. After viewing our site, we have the feedback tab which will allow you to comment and get questions answered. Thank You for visiting, we look forward to your return!

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    The mission of Heimerl Farms Ltd.  is to promote Agriculture through strong family values, be a sound environmental steward, encourage good neighbor relations and make solid financial decisions to provide a future for our family farm in Agriculture. We also strive to help other Farming families that have the same values as us to reach their goals.


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