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Our Operation

What is Heimerl Farms Ltd.?   

        Heimerl Farms Ltd. is a highly dedicated family run farming operation located 25 minutes northeast of Columbus in Johnstown, Ohio. Johnstown is home to not only our main office, but also the farm which started our swine enterprise over a decade ago. The main office is responsible for payroll, record keeping, computer operations, phone calls, feed ordering and processing, etc., which are necessary for our business. One major component vital to our operation located in Johnstown is our newly built feed processing facility. At this state of the art facility nearly 60% of our pigs are fed through the feed processed here each day. Although the main office is located in Johnstown, Heimerl Farms Ltd. has many swine operations located throughout the state. Even though we are most widely known for our Swine operations in Ohio, raising Angus and Holstein Cattle, plus farming nearly 2500 acres makes Heimerl Farms Ltd. a vital family oriented farming operation in the state. Below are listed the different areas or divisions that makes up Heimerl Farms Ltd. and its other enterprises.

Swine Division-

    At Heimerl Farms Ltd., swine production consumes a large part of our time. With over 350,000 plus hogs sold annually, including hogs sold as stock, we keep pretty busy. With just over 50 employees, we are able to manage this number. Along with our many employees, we also have Contract Grower Facilities which also help us manage a large production number. What is a Contract Grower Facility? A Contract Grower Facility is simply a farm site that is owned by an individual (usually a farmer) that gets paid to care for our animals and manage their facility. Heimerl Farms Ltd. supplies the hogs, feed, transportation of feed and hogs, and medications, while the individual that owns the building site watches over the day to day operations at their own property locations.

    The three Multiplier Units or easier understood as baby pig birthing facilities, are named Heimerl Farms Ltd. {Pleasantville, OH - Fairfield County}, Mad River Swine LLC {Hillsboro, OH - Highland County}, and Eagle Creek Swine LLC {Russellville, OH - Brown County}. These units, which are located throughout Ohio are suppliers to over 50 contract grower facilities located throughout the state. Pictured left is Eagle Creek Swine LLC., located in Brown County Ohio. This particular multiplier site which is similar to the other 2 units holds approximately 2400 Sows or mother pigs that produce babies. All of our units follow very strict bio security guidelines that ensures proper health for our animals. All people in close proximity to our facilities including employees are required to follow proper disinfecting procedures before entering our facilities. We as a company have great pride in the health and care of our animals, as well as the environment and will go the extra mile to be sure to stay a disease free, and environmentally friendly and sound farming operation for many, many, years to come.  Because of these strict guidelines, we regret to inform you we DO NOT allow visitors within these facilities.

    Each pig within our facilities are kept track of through not only pen and paper, but also new technology developed by Darr Technologies in Utica, OH. Between Darr Technologies and Heimerl Farms Ltd., a new software called Swine Track has been developed which allows us to manage each pig within our facilities. Each pigs weight, birth information, feed consumption and much, much more is recorded into the program that is accessible to our employees and supervisors via Internet. With the use of this highly advanced software, hog production has reached a new level of efficiency.    

    Another aspect to producing high quality pork involves four very educated Swine Supervisors. The job description of these four individuals is to over see our production facilities by checking swine health, air quality, building cleanliness, temperature, feed quality, and overall internal management decisions. Once compiled, the information is discussed with higher management to ensure all expectations have been met. The supervisors also meet with our vet frequently to discuss swine health and to keep us up to date with new technology relating to the comfort of our animals.




Cattle Division-

    At Heimerl Farms Ltd., cattle have always been a large part of our farming operation. Our cattle operation consist of Holstein (Male Dairy), Angus, and colored cattle. The home facility is our largest cattle operation we have currently. A few years ago we incorporated our contract grower program to not only focus on swine facilities, but also cattle operations as well. The majority of our contracted operations are holstein cattle while our own local operations are of angus and colored cattle (mix).




Grain Division-

    Farming over 2500 acres, Heimerl Farms Ltd. also devotes a large amount of time in the crops division. Case International Equipment is the majority of what we run to get the job done with the exception of a few John Deere planting implements. The crop farming part of our operation is located only in the Johnstown area. Skilled employees and intelligent management decisions designate the many different jobs in this field. From Silage chopping, bean planting, to baling straw, we take great pride in farming efficiently. Heimerl Farms is known not only to itself, but also to many local farmers as its source for quality seed. Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed products are sold as a part of our farming operation. Our yearly crops at Heimerl Farms include wheat, soybeans, corn, and beans and Milo.


 Seed Sales Division-  

   Heimerl Farms Ltd. (Johnstown Location) is a dealer of Pioneer Products. More information on Seed sales can be obtained by clicking on the products tab located to the left.

Trucking Division- Heimerl Farms Inc.

       The trucking part of our operation is called Heimerl Farms Inc. This company is responsible for trucking hogs to market each year. Currently there are 4 full time drivers (excluding feed trucking and weekly facility to facility hog transports) constantly on the road to deliver quality pork into the food chain. Our truck drivers are all TQA or Trucker Quality Assured which enable them to keep up on proper and accurate techniques to handling and hauling pork. Through this certification drivers are taught how to keep the animals comfortable during transport and follow the proper methods when loading and unloading our precious cargo.  






         Our feed trucking division is responsible for trucking feed to nearly 60% of our swine facilities. Feed orders are sent to the new state of the art feed grinding facility via fax and computer input. From here, the managers of the feed mill insert the data into the computer which grinds their order of feed. It is then loaded onto a feed truck and hauled to its destination.






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